Berks County Music Boosters

Recent local, state and national changes in funding public education has made it difficult for many Arts organizations and schools to maintain the same level of education and support felt prior to the cuts. We are all looking for ways to keep music alive in our schools. This is a scenario unlike any before, and we need to work together and stay in touch if we are all going to successfully make it through this difficult time.

This site has been created for the Music Booster organizations, the Music Teachers, the Students, and the Music supporters of Berks County to collaborate, brainstorm, share thoughts, and help each other Advocate for Music in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The idea for this site came from a meeting held this winter where seven of the eighteen school district music booster groups came together to discuss the ways they could help each other and learn from each other. This site is currently independent of the Music Educators of Berks County.

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