Music Advocacy Events in Berks County

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Berks Area Schools Music Booster Symposium

Saturday, June 25th @ 11:30 AM
Wyomissing Family Restaurant (1245 Penn Ave, Wyomissing, PA 19610)

It can be hard being on the board for your school's music boosters club. For most of us, there
isn't really any training on how best to do the job. Do you have any questions like:
• What are some good ways to fund raise for my organization?
• Is there an easier way to communicate with our parents?
• How can I recruit more volunteers?

The 2015-16 Presidents of the Governor Mifflin Music Association & the Exeter Music Association
have been sharing ideas over the last few months about running a music boosters club. We though it
would be a great idea to get more people together to share their ideas. We don't have all the answers,
but maybe if we get together, we can all learn something new to take back to our organizations.

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