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Please post links that you feel would be helpful for other Music Advocates to see, hhear or use in promoting music in Berks County.

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Advocacy Websites

American Music Conference (AMC)
Start here for resources, statistics, files, "Advocacy Toolkit," etc.
MENC Advocacy Page
Information for Press and Public
Arts Ed Net (PA)
Articles and Quotes from <<>>
If you're doing advocacy research, check out this list of links!
Great articles and quotes for newsletters, concert programs, advocacy research, etc.
Also includes instructions for subscribing to have releases emailed to you weekly
"Gaining The Arts Advantage: Lessons From School Districts That Value Arts Education"
A study published by the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Education Partnership (1997)
NAMM National Association of Music Merchants
NARAS National Association of Recording Artists
Pennsylvania Coalition for Music Education (PCME)
Pennsylvania information from the National Coalition
PA Coalition email info group: email for information to
PCAE Pennsylvania Council on Arts Education
PCNTV PA Senate and House floor schedules and text of pending legislation
PDE Pennsylvania Department of Education
Articles linking music education with academic excellence*Based-Communication-Toolkit.php
The Research-Based Communication Tool Kit is a comprehensive document that brings together
several components that advocates can use at state and local levels.
Contains support music articles and research
Knight Arts; witnessing the transformational power of the arts
The latest in Brain research, with pages devoted to music and the brain
Americans for the Arts; click the Advocacy tab
Music education advocacy videos
The Power of the Pentatonic scale
Music Educators National Conference Advocacy page
Programs, news, research, resources, etc
Reading Musical Foundation site; click Advocacy Tab
PA state advocacy page
Music and Intelligence
Music Enhances Academic Excellence